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In addition to our application development and management consulting services we provide, we also focus on product development and management.

As a technology and services oriented company, our primary goal is to provide solutions to some of the biggest and toughest challenges in the world right from Transportation to healthcare, administration to banking and insurance industries.

Some of the recent challenges we encountered are the issues in mass data management, transactional management, information warehousing, complex reporting structures, data archival and retention, cloud development, application scalability, process improvement, dashboard restructuring and so on.

We, at Invictus Infotech, are taking a major initiative in identifying such mass scale problems and our highly experienced team is working on some very large scale and sophisticated solutions to the aforementioned problems. Some of our initiatives are

  • Provide a Proof-of-Concept for Transactional and Fare collection systems in Transportation Industry
  • Easy Identity Management through new market ready technologies
  • Coupon Management across major Retailers through electronic technology
  • Dashboard template collection (Open Source tools used) for major trading, banking and transportation partners
  • Content Management (Data, application, documentation etc) solutions (Open Source tools used) at very nominal prices

Although our SDLC approach is quite similar to an agile product development methodology for all the above products/products, we do a thorough walkthrough across

  • Idea, protecting the idea, rationalizing check around the idea
  • Consult major players in investment, technology, operational and user sectors to pitch the idea
  • A thorough screening of the idea, feasibility and acceptance within a focus group to get a better understanding of the POC to be developed
  • Pick technology to develop the POC and take it to the same focus group for hands on experience to the end users
  • Approval from the focus group leading to pitching the POC to the players in the industry
  • Comparison to the existing products (to be replaced) in terms of costs, benefits, ease of use and convenience, short and long run benefits including maintenance efforts and costs
  • Implementation plan, Contracts, NDAs, timelines for phasing out older systems and replacing them with newly developed product suite, SLAs and support

Even before we actually do these steps above in real life, we simulate them continuously until we are satisfied to go ahead with the product/project. This gives our team and management needed confidence and also makes us different from other product development companies.