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One of the three kinds of placements and staffing we provide is "Direct Hire".

Our recruiting and/or placement process includes meeting the job seeker in-person before we proceed with his/her application. Once a preliminary meeting is done and when the job seeker agrees to proceed with us as a company of choice, we request he/she submits their portfolio to us. The next step involves forwarding the profile to our recruiters. Our experienced recruiters contact the submitter with the market trend analysis, location preference, etc along with the mode of staffing with the client.

Based on availability and possibilities, if the job seeker wants to take up a position with a company directly without any 3rd party between him/her and the company he/she wants to work for, we call it a direct hire.

On boarding procedures like

  • Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Drug Testing & Fingerprinting

and any other forms of investigations that may arise as conditions to seek such employment are the responsibility of the hiring company and Invictus Infotech accepts no liability in litigations that may arise from such employment.